London Nightlife and Escorts


London is the administrative capital of the UK and the largest city within the European Union region in terms of both size as well as population. The city also boasts of the biggest economy in the region. It is the heartbeat of the United Kingdom both in terms of trade and tourism. Millions of visitors trickle here every year with the aim of exploring the numerous wonderful opportunities that this metropolis offers.

Vibrant, enormous, populous, fun and noisy are a few words that appropriately describe the nightlife in London. The city never ever sleeps. In fact a night-out in London will likely see you clubbing well into the wee morning hours. You may find yourself in one of the many cool British Pubs or end up anywhere from underground electro raves, live music venues, craft beer halls, basement cocktail bars or lost in the maze of rooftop parties. Central London is ever busy at night, with locals preferring to hang out in the immediate surrounding areas like Camden, Dalton, Brixton, Hackney, Battersea, Angel, Clapham and Hammersmith. Revelers are never disappointed.

London Escorts

A visit to London will expose you to some of the sexiest and most beautiful escorts who greatly understand the art of companionship and are indeed making a lucrative profession out of it. Actually, apart from flocking London to explore its fascinating tourist attractions, most visitors also come with the intent of having a feel of the gorgeous and sexy escorts. Your visit will without doubt be incomplete if you will not have been entertained by one of the city’s escorts.

The escorts greatly define nightlife in London and most visitors find it very necessary to kick off day-long stresses by being pampered by these escorts. Whether you’re visiting on a business trip or as a tourist, there is definitely one thing you can’t afford to resist especially if you’re a guy, and that’s the service of sexy escorts.

It is important to understand that escort business is legal London, with the administration designating specific areas where these services may be carried out. To protect the interest of both customers and escorts, all escorts agencies and escorts have to first of all be registered under relevant authorities.

There also some requirements that each and every girl must meet before she can be allowed to become an escort in London. For example, in order to prevent the spread of STIs, each escort has to pass a medical test that is carried out by legal medical professionals. An escort must also have attained the legal age of 18 years and above for her to join an escort agency.

An escort is a professional companion. She isn’t to be defined as a prostitute/sex worker, doesn’t work in a brothel nor does she publicly display her profession. You only need to book an appointment by email or phone to spend a night with an escort of your choice of your choice. Finding escorts, London is quite easy as there are hundreds of reputable escort websites available on the internet.

Escorts are definitely going to offer you endless pleasure and also serve as perfect companions in high class gatherings and events. These are the kind of girls whose looks scream sex, and have mastered how to do their job aptly.

MPA attacks lyrics sites

BBC News reported a few days ago that the MPA will be “taking legal action against websites offering unlicensed song scores and lyrics”. The MPA president, Lauren Keiser, even said he wanted site owners to be jailed.
Might be fun to see if they care about this little software I made. If they for some reason do, they’ll have to attack too since all G-Lyrics does it a google search. G-Lyrics does not know if the site is illegal or not, nor does it host any.

Funny thing: I’ve probably bought more than 100 cds in the last 6 months and half of those does not come with lyrics, and many that do have lots of errors in them. When Ozzy sings “Treating people just like pawns in chess” my booklet says “Treating people just like PORN in chess”. Might be my hearing, but someone needs to reconsider their job as a transcriber.

I do understand MPA’s fight against illegal music downloads (though their sue-everyone-method is way wrong), but this is pretty far fetched!

G-Lyrics features

Search online for lyrics to the songs you’re listening to – fully automatic!

G-Lyrics searches the net for the lyrics to the songs you’re listening on – fully automatic!
Currently finds about 3 million lyrics, alot more to come
Uses Google to find the best and fastest sites
Current supported players : Winamp and Windows Media […]

Bugs in v0.7


  • Bug: Sometimes it won’t download the lyrics, mostly when you do a manual search
  • Status: Fixed in the upcoming version
  • Bug: Exiting the program while in the tray makes it impossible to restore the window the next time you run it (can be fixed by deleting all g-lyrics entries in the registry under \local user\software\vb&vba\G-Lyrics)
  • Status: Fixed in the upcoming version